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$1,000 up!


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So, the summer months were upon us last year, and I was searching the internet for fun ways that I could earn money in my spare time. Up popped fiverr.

At first, I begun with a few gigs that were on a ‘Just for fun’ basis - small things like posting on people’s social media pages. It never struck me that I could ever begin to earn serious money from freelancing. Still, i managed to earn my first few gigs doing that - $20 per month in the first few months wasn’t huge, but hey!

Anyway, one of the people that ordered my gig began to talk to me and actually became quite a good friend. I’d always had a passion in writing, but never had the confidence to show anyone - That was, until they eventually persuaded me to send them one of the short stories that I had written. My confidence wasn’t helped by the fact that I suffer from dyslexia, and as a result I was always in the bottom few classes at school. Thanks to computers, though, I am able to overcome that setback. Spell-check is my new best friend! Anyway, reluctantly, I eventually agreed to show them my writing. A little while passed by and I thought to myself; "Uh-oh. They’re probably laughing at it!"

A few minutes later, though, along came the reply. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response.

Fast forward a little bit - my confidence had grown, and I had shown my stories to several people, and even posted on a few websites. There was no better feeling for me than having so many people look at my work and tell me that they enjoyed reading it; even strangers! In fact, when a complete stranger left me kind comments, it made me feel even better, for I knew that they would be leaving a non-biased opinion.

For the most part, I had forgotten about dear-old fiverr, checking it maybe once a fortnight to see if I had received any new orders, but the interest in my first set of gigs had cooled. I eventually decided to offer my writing as a gig, just to see how it would go.

To begin with, orders were slow, and I was writing well above the odds, working for about a gig per hour and a half’s worth of work as I built my portfolio. I didn’t mind though - it was fun to write.

It has only really been in the last few months that orders have picked up, and I have been able to increase my prices to reflect the amount of work I put into the writing. In fact, I even earned $60 from a single order!

I never really expected to be able to say this, but since February, I have been earning quite a reasonable amount of money doing something that I love. I’ve even recently begun to offer other gigs, too. If things continue to pick up like they have done in the last few months, I may even be able to reduce the hours that I work for my part-time jobs, or maybe even quit one of them altogether to focus on doing the things I love!

Anyway, here I am, celebrating a total of well over 120 satisfied customers, and a rather pleasing additional $1,000 sitting in my savings (Most of which has been earned in the last three months), ready to be burned within about two weeks for my planned honeymoon next year! And not only that, but I have met some great people along the way.

And I will end with a piece of advice from my own experience;

Never believe that you aren’t good enough to follow your passion! Devote enough time and effort, and nearly anything is possible. If you’re strong enough to find a way to beat the obstacles in your path, (Dyslexia, in my case.) then there will be huge rewards at the end of the road!


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