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Do double check your given information to avoid any unnecessary work and time loss

Guest vectormoon

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Guest vectormoon

When making an order, you will get an automatic message from the seller, that usually includes questions about the project. This is the (most important part of the whole project) moment when it’s your job to communicate and be specific about what is it that you need exactly.

As a buyer, the more information you are able to provide at the beginning, the better results you can expect to receive. And do double check everything, always! We are all busy people, nobody has the desire to do any extra work because of poor communication. Sometimes even a small typo can mean 10-15 minutes of extra work. Often then it really is better to just cancel the whole project, than take a risk of receiving more “surprises” (now and in future as well).

Sounds like common sense, yet so many buyers ignore these points. You can hire any leading professional in his or her field. But it’s no use if you do not even take the time to simply say “hi”, not to mention being specific about your needs.

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