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How to get more buyers


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I’m Akila and I’m a Professional Logo Designer and I have 5+ Years Experience in the filed… I’ve decided to create an account on fiverr and sell my talent and get some extra income. But it seems to me like I can’t get more buyers. I know that persons who can not design logos professionally have more orders, but it not works for me.

Please give me a tip for improve my orders… I have done all the things with my GIG(Key words, Attractive Image, Etc)

This is my GIG link, Please check it and give me some tips…




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Have you advertised anywhere else? Many people help build sales by advertising in other places, post this on all your social media pages, send it to all your friends and family, etc., etc.

ALso, where are you from, your English is not native.

Another thing is I wonder if having all the logos in one picture is good, or if you should add a few more photos to your gig with some more of the logos on the first picture so people can see them up close.

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