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Top five best way to promote your gig


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Selling a gig on fiverr is easy which is the first step but getting order for the gig is another ball game. below are my personal best tips for getting your gig expose for people looking for outsource service.

NB: for your gig to get expose, it must be search engine friendly and the content must be guide by it keyword

  1. Social media site: you can get active lead to you gig through facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest etc.

  2. Blog about your order on fiverr with link to your gig

  3. Write article and share with integrate link to your gig

  4. join forum site and put your fiverr link on the signature section

  5. fiverr blog and forum is another best way to get your gig expose online

    Bonus: you can get pay per click Ads to promote your gig

    I hope this tips was of helpful to you, check out my gig


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