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Some of my $ are missing


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i completed the order he left positive feedback then funds was removed

i tried to contact him but no reply contacted fiverr support they couldn’t help me out as well

haven’t contacted paypal yet but yeah i heard they don’t give support for virtual good so no point in wasting time

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I really think that there must be some kind of BUYER RATING also. There are many buyers that are randomly cheating here and there, and I think it would be very good for the seller to see from the start with whom he will be dealing and that this buyer is not such good one.

Also repeated cheating from buyer can make him banned. You will say that they can use different account, but I think support can see that this the SAME Ip .They can even change ip of course but this is not so easy for everyone and can make a cut in good amount of cheating and make buyer stressed about there " buyer status".

After all Super buyer, with good rating can get bonuses from different sellers, and Feedback from such buyer will for sure weight for other buyer to decide purchasing a gig or not.

It is just my opinion!


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