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Guest rahmanarif

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Guest rahmanarif

Hi Gigers,

Many of which were titled ‘the secrets of …’ in the beginning and in the end of book they say that the secret is that there is ‘NO SECRET’ just keep doing what you do blah blah!

Well this is not that kind of secrets but much powerful if you can allow yourself to learn from my little experiences. This is especially for Fiverrs and could also be useful to you if you are into sales of any kind. Lets get started

5. Use powerfully positive words in your gig title and throughout description, they compel human instincts (ahem) positively towards wanting a piece of cake (your gig)

4. Give a surprise gift or overdeliver . …If you think its a bit too much for $5, doesn’t matter do it anyway Its not about the 5 bucks its about you being happy and genuinely spreading happiness. In the end what matters is what really matters; Happiness!

3. What sells terrifically are video testimonials, pets videotaped eating food-message and shown backwards, using your talents like singing, dancing, music instruments etc for site/product promotion or personalizing them for your customer or their loved ones, video intros for websites/businesses. SEO is evergreen!

2. “Nobody wants to be sold but everyone likes to be helped” - read again!

The ultimate top mumbo jumbo topcat Fiverr secret.

  1. If at all a customer leaves a negative feedback inspite of you being clear in gig description, instructions & the communication with the customer, IMMEDIATELY contact the Fiverr support stating what has happened. They will be genuinely happy to help you out and remove the negatives. Stay 100% 🙂

    If you can please add more out of your experiences in sales Along with many warriors here I’d love to learn. Thanks!

    Have a Wonderful Day,

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