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It's All about your promise and your professionalism at your work


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Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing great, and I hope you get succsess with your Gig.

I write this story in Hospital, yeah… I’m in hospital now, my body condition right now is weak and a little stricken with the flu.

But at the moment I’m still having a responsibility towards my job, some of the order queue need to be done, since it really closed at deadline time.

And I must do my professional work for my buyer. Now I’m working on my bed to paint some client picture, I know its hard for me, where I must focus to paint with my condition like this. And you know, I brought my laptop and my wacom with me lol

I’m hoping my body condition may come back fit and refreshed, so that I can finish all my responsibility, and I hope my this story can give you some spirit with your work to give your best service for your client.

Here is the result picture I have done to paint in hospital.

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Guest tn5rr2012

I am praying you feel better soon. I had pneumonia a few weeks back and like you just kept plugging along (laptops are awesome). If your finances depend on bringing in a certain amount of money each month then suspending a gig is not an option so I know how you feel. Stay strong and heal well

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