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Question about getting 5 star always | read on


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i have to say few simple things about us seller about getting good review without banging our heads.

let me explain what i have experienced

at first when i use to deliver the service i use to type for example

Here you go sir/madam your video is ready hope you like it.

Kindly mark this gig as completed and do rate me 5 stars thanks.

i use to type this always but now 2 months ago i got fedup with it , i ended up just typing ( here you go ) thats it.

coming to main question now , again in short words , i use to beg customers for good stars but now i dont have to why ???

because i have seen if my work is done professionally , there is no reason anybody will complain about , if your work is good customers will automatically come back and rate 5 star for you and leave good feed.

so if you get negative feedback its not the customers its you.

if you do good work your work will talk to the customers for you , they will say wow.

provide service that is easy for you to do , dont do impossible task this is were you get stuck.

if you do work that involves allot of time create ( templates )

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