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UI is Currently Terrible - Usability Suggestions


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I’m a little disappointed with the fiverr UI - At the moment it feels unprofessional and amateurish. It looks nice, but is very difficult to use.

More specifically, here are a few issues that I believe would benefit from development attention:

  • The site is very slow. I’m connecting through a 1GBit/s fiber optic connection, and most pages load in less than 0.1 seconds. Fiverr, however, can stall for several seconds.
  • Management of gigs and emails is very difficult. For example, it is very difficult to switch between a conversation with a person and a gig order from that person. Gigs and messages should be like email: there should be a list pane and a view pane so you can easily view and switch between different orders without having to wait for the page to load.
  • Update system is bugged – I keep getting a yellow notification bar in the top of the screen that I have to manually dismiss even when I’ve already clicked on the notification and viewed the page.
  • The message edit box (for sending a message or updating a gig, etc.) is difficult to use. The font size is huge, and on top of that the edit window is tiny and can’t be resized. The result is that you can only fit about 5-6 lines of text in the window, which makes it very difficult to compose any message longer than 1-2 sentences. I find myself writing in notepad and copy+pasting into fiverr.

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I wish it was a little easier to understand Im new and I cant figure out if my account is live yet and its been a week or so andI get no response from customer service I feel pretty lost and this is the first time I found a way to communicate with anyone Can someone tell me if my account is live yet or not if you can see my profile I cant seem to be able to find out from anyone

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