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Work Stolen by Someone on Fiverr


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Not sure where exactly to post this. I’m a freelance graphic designer. I design book covers for independent authors. There is someone on Fiverr that has my original work posted in their portfolio and are claiming it to be their own. How do I get my work removed from their portfolio?

Here is the gig https://www.fiverr.com/designer22/design-marvelous-ebook-cover-in-24-hours?funnel=201410301304137486812460

The cover titled “New Patient” by Ann Black is my original design work. It can be found in my portfolio at http://indiedesignz.com/portfolio-2/

I would like to report this and have the person remove my work from their portfolio. Almost all of the designs in their portfolio are not their work and they are claiming it as their own. I would like to report this please inform me how to get this reported and my original copyrighted work removed from their portfolio.

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