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Fiverr Watermark

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Hi fellow fiverr sellers!

Every now and then I read the forums and see many things that are a disadvantage to sellers. Especially regarding deliveries.

Today I read a post that was quite similar to my experience with one of my customers.

The buyer had an design of someone else and didn’t feel like it to actually buy it from the other one and wanted me to remake that specific design. What was disturbing is that he didn’t want to pay me as well and could use both designs for his purposes.

My idea is that when you deliver an order the buyer can see the things you have done with a watermark in it so he can’t use it for his own purposes just yet. Just until the order is marked complete by the buyer. Then the files are getting fully transfered to the buyer without the watermark.

This doesn’t solve that someone can cancel an order and ask someone else but it does prevent the buyer to use it anyway without paying.

Good luck to everyone who sells on fiverr!

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