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Do not fully depend on fiverr?


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Thanks fiverr. My english is not good. once side fiverr allow to promote social networking and another side they are deleting the gigs without any warning/modification. They remove me from searching list and no response from support. I do not what to do or what not. I am fully depend on fiverr. And they kick me out.

Now tell me guys.

-) If the buyer want the facebook likes or google plus , may i know what title should i give. According to fiverr , these are not allow but in social marketing but all such services are there in social networking area. You can see these in buyer requests also.

-) If i am selling the third party services than how i will show to buyer without using the company name in title such as google adwords ?

I am so sorry , please help me guys. If fiverr want ,i will be back else no.

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Fake likes, follows, plus ones etc. are misleading and are not allowed.

What you should be selling instead, according to Fiverr TOS should be, "I’ll share your link with #### of MY (real) twitter/facebook/google plus friends/followers."

Obviously, it would be up to your friends and followers whether they want to like the (buyer’s) link you shared or not, and this way you can’t guarantee the number of likes your buyer’s link will receive. Now that’s genuine. And that’s the kind of “social networking” gigs fiverr won’t delete. All others are against fiverr’s TOS.

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