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I requested a logo modification and my designer (and our comminication record) disappeared. Why?


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Hello Fiverr Peeps:

I recently hired designer “destinymeese” to design a vintage logo. I requested a modification (adding website name in blank space) and when I checked back on my message request a little while later, all of our correspondence had disappeared from my notifications section. Why?

Did the designer disappear with my $ and leave me high and dry without a logo? or am I looking in the wrong place for a record of our correspondence, including the logo she produced?

If I cannot locate the designer i will have to start over again. Thoughts?

(big sigh)


Newbie Melissa

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Reply to @missymullin: ok, I’ve got nothing.

I would however, If you can at all, try and let the seller know what has happened, in a very courteous way. Most sellers understand stuff happens, and will work with you.

Also, please don’t call out users in the forum by name, it’s against the rules.

(I’m sure the moderator will remind you, but I’d would edit your post, if I were you, to remove the name before it gets to that point)

If you can’t contact the seller, it’s possible that their account has been disabled or deleted for some unknown reason. Then, I think your next step is to contact Fiverr Support, there is little that any of us can do for you here in the forum.


Expect it to take some time for them to respond to you.



Fiverr Customer Support


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