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3 ways to save time and money when buying on fiverr

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Hello Wonderful Buyers,

Tyler here again,

Today, I want to talk about 3 cool ways to save money and time when you’re making purchase of one awesome gig or the order from this wonderful Platform called Fiverr.com

Looking at the way the Gig Economy is designed, as buyers you are expected to make fast purchase, pay for your orders and get your job done as fast as possible.

But unfortunately many buyers get frustrated when they have placed an order for a gig and the seller is nowhere to be found, then when its almost 30 minutes for the gig count-down to end, the seller sends a message to the buyer that the gig cannot be delivered as stipulated.

This disheartening situation has always made a lot of buyers decide to punish such seller and thus, the buyer lets go of the money but gives the seller an awful Rating and Absolute Negative Review.

Within my short existence on this platform, I have been diligent enough to deliver my orders as fast as possible(between 1-4 hours.) and still, I have gotten great ratings and wonderful reviews.

Fiverr even gave my gig an extra Fast Badge.

Until about 2 days ago when a Buyer ordered my gig and expected me to do a job of 50$ for 5$, This situation lead to the mutual cancellation of that order because the buyer absolutely refuse to pay for the extra work and he claims that a lot of guys here will do the job for just 5 bucks! Because of this Order Cancellation, My Gig’s Extra Fast Badge has been stripped off even though my gig still remains in the 1st page of Recommended Section of Ebook Covers Design.

Anyway, that’s a lesson to learn. So, How can you save time and money when you’re making your purchase on this platform? Follow the 3 steps carefully and you won’t regret them:


    It is very important for you to contact your seller with the right inquiries about what you want to order before clicking the “ORDER NOW” Button, most experienced buyers do and this helps them to identify real professionals from the quacks and also helps them save their 5 Bucks and a whole lot of time.

    If you place an ORDER for a gig because it looks so enticing and incredibly cheap for so much work, then you may be getting yourself into something else.

    Services like SEO, TRAFFIC, FACEBOOK LIKES etc. may need you to ask impending questions before placing your order. If you don’t know much about the service, do a little bit of research on Google before approaching your seller. 🙂

    Once you ask the basic questions and he could give you reasonable answers, then you will be more happy and confident to place your Order.

    My very first account visitor was a wonderful PLR Product creator, trainer and internet marketing coach. She bombarded me with questions for almost 3 hours before coming back a day after to purchase 4 gigs!

    Ask Questions to avoid wasting your time and money on the long run.


    This is another very important point when you are making a purchase on fiverr. Since you know you’re paying for a professional service which would cost you as much as 50 - 100 Dollars on any other freelance site, helping your seller provide the necessary items or information will go a long way in ensuring a fast and problem free gig delivery.

    I had to cancel my bad order with that Buyer because he refused to supply the necessary items I needed and even expected me to do Illustrations, Drawings and also design his website header for just 5$. 😦

    So, make sure you save yourself the time and don’t waste your money if you will not provide your sellers requirements.


    One of the best ways to get the most out of your fiverr gig purchase is through constant communication with your seller.

    You would love to know that your seller is not just an automated robot that will only deliver your orders without proper communication on what, where and how you want your job done.

    Frequent and meaningful conversations will help you build a lasting relationship with your sellers and will even give you the opportunity to ask for discounts or bonuses on your Orders as you get to know each other better.

    That was the strategy used by one of my clients, He get’s the 3D cover version of his former ebook or kindle cover design jobs anytime he places an order for a new Kindle or Ebook Cover Design. 🙂


    You can easily avoid the unnecessary waste of your Five Dollars and be able to get the best out of your transactions on Fiverr.

    And as you continue to patronize great sellers here on fiverr, it’s our hope that you will find great customer experience here, better than any other platform.

    Thanks for taking your Time to read through, If you have more points to add to the ones above, please do so in the Comments Section and make sure you help share this cool post on facebook,twitter and google plus, by clicking on the share buttons below.

    Until Next time when I bring you more tips,



    PS: After the unfortunate Gig Cancellation Incident I had, I’ve decided to separate my Kindle Cover/Ebook Cover design gig for my Social Media Cover and Web Header design gig.

    So, you may Order to get an amazing Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus Timeline design and you’ll get your job submitted in less than 6 hours tops!(As long as you follow the Rules Above.) 🙂


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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @kjblynx: True talk, I believe the top rated sellers have earned their trust and reputation over time and this advice was just a necessary step for buyers to make when they are still in doubt of a sellers integrity.

Even though I just came on board this platform, after my first 5 sales in 4 days, most of my buyers just place their orders, trusting that this gig seller is a core professional.

BTW, I just delivered my 20th Order in 13 Days! 🙂

Thanks for Popping in and contributing these great tips!

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