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Very confused as a newbie


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It sounds like your buyer is either very new and doesn’t understand how Fiverr works, or is trying to do something that she shouldn’t. If I were you, I’d send her a very polite message explaining that you cannot invoice her outside of Fiverr due to ToS. You could ask her if she’d like to buy the other 2 gigs up front and then you can send her the 30 mins, or if she’d like you to do the first 10 minutes and deliver those. Then she could purchase the others one gig at a time or both at once to have the work completed.

Unfortunately otherwise you take the risk of doing the work and not getting paid for all of it. Unless you want to risk it just to help get your gigs rolling and accept whatever happens, I wouldn’t do it without that conversation. If she tries to push you to sell the other 20 minutes outside of Fiverr, that’s a big red flag.

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