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5 things to know about sellers


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Hello Buyers!

Talking from my understanding, i believe it is not hidden to sellers (reasonable sellers) why someone will come here to get something done for him/her.

A buyer who need website submission will possibly be aiming at getting his or her site ranked by search engines, and also get regular traffic to that particular site.

To be frank and sincere most buyers know that most of the services available here on fiverr worth more than the fixed rate, but many don’t just understand what sellers can do.

As a buyer you have to understand that:

  1. Sellers are ready to feed you well if you are ready to appreciate good work
  2. Sellers are ready to guide you
  3. Sellers might hide/keep the best quality of their offer for special people (like you)
  4. Sellers can deliver free service (like i do) for trustworthy buyers, and lastly
  5. Sellers can be your ladder to success if you could reciprocate.

    Though, i give all my best in everything i do without expecting direct return, but If you decide to compensate sellers for extraordinary work, i am sure you will get the reward in multiple ways.

    The best way to compensate a seller is to order from his/her gig extra. Do this and come back here to comment your experience.

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