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How can Improve Gigs and how can Improve sales?


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Reply to @globalcareer:

Your profile and gigs look really good. Your English is excellent. I work collaboratively with non-native speakers (of different selling levels) to improve their gigs descriptions.

“I will Give you MLM / Network Marketing Training Slide in Power Point Presentation starting from $5.” - This is great, I can work with you to make it sound fantastic:

"I will create you a unique MLM/Network Marketing Training slide show using Power Point that will engage your audience. I will use my wealth of business presentation skills to ensure you have the ultimate power point presentation"

I am doing 2 for 1 gigs at the moment, and as a bonus here is an edited version of your excellent personal profile.

"I am a Professional Trainer on Business Presentation, Selling Skill Development, Leadership, Attitude Development, Motivation, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Multi Level Marketing and so many these types of field. I am also Provide powerful e-Books, Training,Training Slides, Social Posting etc."

Edited version

I am a Professional Trainer of Business Presentation, development of sales skills, leadership, attitude development, personal motivation, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and multi-level marketing. I also provide powerful e-Books, training slides, social posting and more. Contact me to discuss your needs.

I hope you have a million sales.

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