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Illustrations and cover


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Hi all 🙂

I was after some advice about how to proceed.

I have written a short kids book for kindle and need the cover and seven illustrations doing.

I have the images in my head, but how on earth do I go about describing them to someone?

It seems an impossible task.

Any help would be appreciated, also if anyone can offer their help I haven’t yet made contact with a seller.


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Just explain as well as you can, providing the part of the story the images refer to will also help. There is no way to explain an image 100% accurately with words as our interpretations are based on our individual life experiences. Providing some sort of reference images always help, these could be photos, even stick men doodles are better than nothing.

To get as close as possible you could order several rough sketches ideally from multiple sellers and then have someone develop the closest match in to a final image.

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