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Problem with buyers cancelling delivered gigs

Guest miyachina

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Guest miyachina


I’ve been providing my services as a German - English translator on Fiverr since October 2013 and have a 5-star rating + outstanding feedbacks!

Now, I have a problem with 2 buyers refusing my gigs at the same time. The first delivered a source text which didn’t make too much sense, so I translated it to the best of my abilities and asked for further clarification to adapt the translation to his context. He REFUSED the order and states that I didn’t translate his text correctly. Note that I’ve been providing translation for NEARLY A YEAR now, at a TOP-NOTCH QUALITY!

I think he wants to not pay those $5 for the translation and doesn’t care that his refusal will cause a problem for my ratings. Terrible person…

I seriously think it should be possible for sellers to rate a bad buyer in case he or she refuses to accept a gig - so that person cannot simply go and do the same thing to other sellers…

With another buyer, I have a similar problem. I made a mistake and confused 2 projects, sent the wrong text and noticed the day after. I also noticed that her whole text was 2k words and she had only booked one gig. So I translated a bit more than 200 words (1 gig) and redelivered it, excusing myself for the mistake and explaining what happened.

The buyer refused to accept the translation and is calling me a FRAUD. I mean…I am no bot! This is the first mistake that happened to me in 10 months + the rate is seriously very low. She also accused me to be a fraud because I didn’t translate the 2k words for $5 (it’s stated black on white in my gig that my rate is $5 per 200 words).

Any experiences similar to mine? I really urgently want to be able to leave them a bad feedback, so no seller will work for them anymore…


A seriously frustrated Miyachina…

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