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Guest laughingcrow

Regardless of how you feel about this seller having been preferred over you (although perhaps you starting a thread about it is indicative of the underlying reason) it’s not allowed to call out other users negatively on the forum. Better remove the name before a Sheriff does.

Second, CS doesn’t have to provide a reason, since according to ToS they aren’t allowed to share personal details, how affairs were handled, and similar information.

Perhaps her higher ratings were made more recently, and your high volume of sales were longer in the past. Just because you have a higher total doesn’t mean you have more orders recently.

Another posible reason:

500 orders over 9 months = almost 56 orders per month average

620 orders over 1 year = almost 52 orders per month average

Just as one example, this disparity might make the difference, and that is JUST if they are looking over the whole Fiverr career.

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