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I ordered a new laptop


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In the last year, I have turned to Fiverr as the way of bringing in my full-time income source. Using the money that I have raised from Fiverr I have ordered myself a brand new laptop. This is 17 inch desktop replacement that will be very important for me to further spread my freelancing business with Fiverr.

After getting my new laptop I will be able to work more quickly, because my old desktop computer is very very slow. I am exceptionally thank for Fiverr for allowing me to do the jobs within my professional area.

I am extremely happy with how my last year of freelancing has gone with Fiverr. My next goal is raising the finances I need to my day to day life.

All the best everyone on Fiverr team.


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Guest mohsinraza50

Congrats! Trust me! It feels so good buying your toys with your own money. I’m a student and for the past 3 years I’m buying my phone & laptop with my own hard earned money online. Its been less than a month I’m on fiverr and I have already had a great start. Wish you good luck. 🙂

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