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Pushy newcomers: how can it be stopped?

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I cannot be the only one who is overwhelmed by requests from new sellers who do not understand how Fiverr works and expect people to simply give them work or teach them how to make a sale. It is not a new phenomenon, but while I used to receive a handful of such messages every other week, now it is 10 to 20 every single day. As we must reply to incoming messages, I am starting to lose my patience.

I have been on Fiverr for nearly 10 years, and understand how the platform works. But it appears to be too complex for some. It is of course not possible to forbid them from registering, but I think it would be useful, for our mental well-being, to provide newcomers with instructions that are as clear and simple as possible, specifying in particular that Fiverr is not a reserve of prospective employers and that a new seller must create a gig to advertise their skills. There is a significant minority of new sellers who need this spelled out for them in very simple language.

To put it simply: we're not paid for this.

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