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Curiosities about the recharge


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Hi! I created this topic to talk about the things that help you to recharge the energy. In today's world is really difficult to not waste mental and physical energy with all the inputs we receive and all the stress we suffer. I'd like to know: what do you do to limit this? What help you to work better? What are the things that give you that part of peace we need to stay focused and balanced? I know that to stay well-balanced forever it's impossible but I think there are expedients that help us. For example I try to work out from 3 to 4 times week. I read books. I watch films. I recently started meditation and all these things help me to recharge, but little others like a clean workflow, a mindset more focused in details, step by step to achieve the "big" one, a functional workplace.

I was long-winded sorry 😅

I am curious about your answers.



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