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I will remove 100 image backgrounds professionally in 24hours



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There are so many resources on this forum regarding this topic. And I don't understand why you had to just copy+paste your gig title here 😕

Anyway... Here are a few suggestions from me.


  1. "I will remove 100 image backgrounds" can be a bit confusing. You could perhaps use something like "I will remove background from 100 images in 24 hours"
  2. The gig description is a mess. All text is bold. When was the last time you read your own description?
  3. Starting the description with "Hi Dear" is not professional at all.
  4. "Before ordering I will do a free sample image" Why???
  5. "Unlimited revisions" Nope!!!
  6. "Money-back guarantee" How???


Phrases like "I'm sure if you will work with me just one time then you will be selected for your next Project." is a surefire way to get any client running the other way.

Finally, I would suggest replacing that hideous thumbnail as you would not get any clicks with that current thumbnail once you figure out how to get impressions.

In any case, background removal is so easy to do nowadays, with so many free tools out there. So the demand for this service must be very low with so much of competition.

Good luck!

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