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I have a friend who introduced me to Fiverr about a month ago. Right when I joined I gained my first 5 orders in the first week, finished them, then everything came to a sudden hault. I guess my listing dissappeared or got pushed back or something.?.

Anyways! My friend, the one who introduced me to Fiverr is a professional artist with a degree and full time job actually creating billboards and designing them, printing them out, and then sending them out with the co workers who plaster them up on the bill board. Hes so successful in his job, has many awards up on his wall , artist of the year, etc etc etc. Im sure you all know what I mean.

So , I find it kind of funny that he introduced me to Fiverr and he has been on Fiverr for almost 2 years and has never recieved not one message, not one order. I asked him about it and he said he really didnt care, as he really doesnt need the work from Fiverr. Its kind of sad dont you think? His gig is there. It actually really stands out.

So my question is , does Fiverr manipulate the search system? Whats up with me getting 5 orders right away , then all of a sudden on a dry spell? Does Fiverr have secret buyers that they unleash on new people only to get them motivated? Im very confused because I know I have shown my gigs to over 1000 people and still nothing.

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