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How I be a master in fiverr?

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I’ve been on here for months. Got two new gigs now, but when you have no reviews, there is no way to get ahead. In the next couple days I am going to put a video on my gig, but I am highly skeptical. I have read countless times that putting a video on your gig helps your sales. I will believe it IF I see it. I tell you what… if the video makes a dramatic difference, I will repost here and tell you about it.

I have been on here for months and I am completely convinced that it takes years for one gig to take off and even start to generate income. Don’t quit your day job. And the market you’re in may be oversaturated, but you at least placed your gig where there is actual money flowing.

The most difficult part of Fiverr is getting started and I am no expert in this area. I’ve never managed to get started! There is MAYBE one thing that could work. If you already have a successful website or blog, you could place a link to your gig there and hope you get some clicks.

In between sales (whats a sale?) I am sitting here writing my own novel and I’m going to self-publish it on kindle in the next four months (realistically speaking.) To have something TRULY unique is the only way to get ahead. But only try to write what you are interested in.

And to norrsken_marc, I believe she was only asking help with her gig, not trying to promote it here. Does anyone here have any other suggestions for promoting a gig elsewhere? I do not really know how to do this. Marketing is not my strong point. I welcome any positive suggestions that people could come up with. I did notice there are people on Fiverr who have these awesome gigs where they will send daily traffic to your website for an entire month! Surely, this could bump up a page in search rankings, but I don’t have a website to test it on.

**EDIT There is one more thing I must say. I took a look at your gig, then I searched for “promote facebook” in the gigs, and 4,972 gigs came up. Of those 4,972 gigs, only 471 of them had a video, that is less than 10%! In the gig I have, only 15% of those gigs have a video. Maybe it is true that having a video helps you stand out, because I also notice in the search results that you can sort by Video Description so you won’t even see gigs that have no video at all. So that alone cuts out 90% of search results.

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Here’s an analogy for selling on Fiverr: if you are trying to sell shoes on a street full of shoe merchants, you’re probably not going to do very well since you have so many competitors. If you try to sell ugly shoes on a street full of shoe merchants, you definitely won’t do well, because you’re surrounded by people selling a much nicer product. If you’re trying to sell photos of shoes while telling people that they’re getting real shoes on a street full of shoe merchants, you won’t make sales PLUS you might get arrested for fraud (as with selling social media site traffic/likes/followers/fans, which often leads to banned accounts and/or bad ratings). However if you sell beautiful, stylish, unique shoes, even on a street full of shoe merchants you’ll probably do very well.

One more caveat: even if the shoes you sell are wonderfully made and beautiful, you won’t make sales if the buyers have no feet.

The people who do well and make sales on Fiverr offer unique, quality products or services which are described well and are represented with good graphics, they offer exemplary customer care, and just as important, they offer things that people want or need. They don’t sell dishonest products or services, or things that will cause problems for the buyers (such as plagiarized material, copied graphics or fake website traffic).

The people who do well, make sales AND are reasonably happy on Fiverr also don’t have unreasonable expectations. Then they can be pleasantly surprised if they do well.

@marijaptkv9 The forums are full of hundreds of posts with more tips and advice. Use the forum search in the upper right corner, or just start reading through the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums.

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Reply to @marijaptkv9:

Thank you for reply to me and I like your analogies too. I am just hoping to get the ball rolling and I do not expect to get rich either. There are many, many merchants in my category and they produce excellent quality work. I have looked through other people’s gigs to see if I can identify what their winning points are. And I know everyone here had to start from the ground up too. They had to work very hard to get they are now and that is what I intend to do also. My general attitude is that nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. As long as that stays my top priority, I think eventually I will do well. And yes, I have been looking through the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums also. Tons of good information in there. I’m just trying to absorb everything and I want to learn to be a great seller too.

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Reply to @kaiosama: I think you’ll do well, in the end. Some people don’t get that first sale for a long time, but steadily move along after that. The other day I saw a very upbeat post from someone who became a Level 1 after 9 months, and instead of griping that it took so long, he was looking forward to making Level 2!

I think it must be hard to remain positive, yet he did! I was very impressed by his attitude, and I try to remind myself to be that way~


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Welcome to Fiverr, Michelle-Amanda,

Thinking about the help you need as led me to write my to next Fiverr offering - a guide for newbies. So THANKS for being my inspiration.

But let me help you get started. Here are some observations.

Proofread everything. You have some spelling and grammatical issues.

Check your headline. Could be a more succinctly way to tell what you gig is about.

Does your visual support your gig? It seems very busy and with redundant images.

Be credible. You threw out a hefty number! How do you propose to post your links on that 4,000.000 sites because it reads as though that is what you are promising.

Offering screen shots as validation is a great idea!!!

You state that your gig is 100% Safe (safe from what?), 100% Satisfied Customers (you only have 1 customer so far), and 100% Guaranteed Traffic. Are you POSITIVE that your clients will get more traffic. If not, perhaps phrase it differently

I might suggest that you offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the whole gig.I always do.

Benefits: Make sure the buyer understands the benefits of your gig.

So here are some brief ideas. I hope they help. Good luck and please keep my posted!


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Reply to @kaiosama: Hang in there! It honestly doesn’t take a long time to get going, but you do have to review what you’ve been doing and continuously tweak things until you find your “sweets spot”.

Some observations from your listings. Your bio could use some refreshing, Include keywords. Tell us we we should hire YOU! Use every available word to show your credibility. Have you done cool projects. Can you show examples of your work? Do you have college credentials or work experience? What do you have that makes you different from ALL the other Fiverr contenders?

FYI - some of your keywords are misspelled which won’t help a search. I would suggest reviewing ALL your keywords.

I think you have some viable gigs. Go for it!!!


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Reply to @roxitheatre: I never thought about putting that stuff in my bio. Thank you for the observations very much! I have checked my keywords and I’m not seeing misspellings except for redoes (I just changed that to revisions) and texturize (textured may be a better word). I’m confused. When people say “keywords” do they mean the words used in the description or the tags?

And I will go brush up on my bio in about one hour. Thanks again for the advice!

EDIT** I looked up the definition of keywords and now I feel like an idiot. But now I understand why they are so important and I will revise my keywords and use a planner tool to make sure they are good. Again, thank you for the help very much!

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