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My story of getting my first Fiverr order


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Here are some tips for those who are just beginning on Fiverr or are thinking of doing so:

Sometimes, it can take a while for somebody to reach out. So be patient; that first message is all you need.
But even after some time, if you think that you’re not getting any messages/orders, then maybe self-evaluate your gig. Maybe your gig needs more clarity, and clients are not exactly able to understand what you are offering. Or the pricing is quite high for a beginner profile etc.
After you get your first order, it can be intimidating and pressurizing to make sure everything is right. Try openly communicating with the client; after all, they also need their work done.
Make sure you listen to all your client needs and requirements. Don't hesitate to ask questions when you need to. It will just show your technical flavour or your enthusiasm to work for them.

Checkout my complete article with the story and tips here:


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