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How to make $5 on Fiverr


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Let me start this off by saying, I’m no Fiverr selling expert, I just know there’s always a demand for even the simplest of things. When it comes to services, just think about people.

Most people are too lazy or just don’t know how to do things, even something as simple as converting a video to an mp3 can be confusing to some people.

That’s where you come in, you supply simple services for people who can’t do them themselves.

Try not to think too hard about what you can do, but think more about what “they” can’t do.

That’s my advice to you, keep it simple.

$5 is Five dollars is $5, no matter how you look at it.

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Guest celticmoon

I’m not sure I completely agree with what you’re saying about people being too “lazy” to do certain things, but your overall point about offering services or products that you are able to do to people willing to pay for them is the purpose of Fiverr.

I have a question: what is your gig? The title didn’t make sense to me (but perhaps English isn’t your first language; writing gig titles can be confusing in that case), and after reading the description, I’m still unclear what exactly a buyer will receive, especially when comparing the graphic and the text. Are you selling “likes”, are you posting videos, are you marketing or promoting? When you say you will “consider” all music videos, do you mean you review them?

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