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Guest celticmoon

Yes, I can help.

Look in the upper right hand corner. That’s a search engine for the forums. As you can see, the name of this forum is “Tips for Sellers” and it contains hundreds and hundreds of posts which are…tips for sellers! There is also a forum called Fiverr FAQ, which is supposed to discuss more the nuts & bolts of how Fiverr works. I suggest using the search engine to find topics related to your post:

“New to Fiverr”

“how to get first order”

"tips for graphic designer gigs"

If you really don’t want to use the search, then just read through the posts that are interesting to you. Another area you should explore is Customer Support, where there are brief, quick to read articles about how Fiverr works. Very, very easy.

You’re more likely to succeed if you actively seek helpful information then if you passively sit and wait for someone to hold your hand.

Good luck~!

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I’ve been here just under 3 days. Already I have delivered 4 orders. I would suggest these tips that helped me.

  1. Research your selling area. Read ALL the gigs in your area before writing your own gig.
  2. If the top sellers in your area are offering 1 graphic for $5.00, offer 2 or 3 graphics.

  3. Offer unlimited revisions for free. That should help a lot.

  4. Always try to offer more for less than the other sellers in your area.

  5. Promote you gig. Print up business cards and flyers. Hand them out around town.

  6. Take out an ad in your local paper and use one of you graphics in the ad.

  7. Promote the gig to your network on social media sites.

  8. Have your friends and family promote your gig too.

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