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Hello, let's help each other and make it fair. I will spend my time to carefully read through one of your gigs and give you a general opinion, and in return please do the same for one of my gigs.


Kind regards, hope to hear from someone soon.

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7 hours ago, nurujjaman1998 said:


I had a look through all your gigs. Personally i feel that the gig "I will do data entry, excel" has a little bit chaotic thumbnail. Overall, I ghink you should make one gig called "I will be your data entry manager or virtual assistant". Adding a manager or virtual assistant keyword could open you to new impressions. Overall, it's very hard to get your first order,  I would say if possible, ask a friend to order your gig, so you could see how the systen works, and make it easier to get your actual first sale. Anyways best of luck.

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