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Recently, it seems like buyers have been continually “abusing” the revision request feature. Buyers are continually requesting revisions for projects that they originally approved the scope of work for. Sometimes, we get buyers that either abuse the revision request system by simply doing a “revision request” and saying that they need longer than 3 days to review the deliverables or the buyer sends us one revision request that was outside our original agreed scope of work, but we try to over-deliver and do the revision free of charge anyway, just to make them happy. However, in most of these cases, what ends up happening is when they see us do this one revision, they figure that since we did the one revisions without charging extra, we can do more revisions (again, that are outside the original scope of work) free of charge as well. If we let them know that it would be an additional fee, they usually end up arguing with us, since we did the original one free of charge, even though we did exactly what was promised on the original scope of work. These are common occurrences and believe the “revision request” feature needs some additional features so the sellers feel better protected from buyers abusing the revision request feature.

Because with the Fiverr gigs and when sending custom offers, sellers can put the amount of revisions they offer, I think Fiverr should implement a system that allows buyers to have to stick to this number of revisions and if they would like more revisions, past the amount that was included in the order, then they would have to add additional revisions for an set cost. This way, not only would buyers be more thorough when requesting revisions, it would also benefit sellers by not having to argue with buyers about the number of revisions they still have and allowing orders to be marked as complete faster for sellers, since if buyers have to pay for more revisions, they may be ok with the work delivered (that is the work that was originally agreed on anyway).

For instance, we put on our gig page that offer 1 revision with our gigs. So, if a buyer wants a revision, if a new revision request system like this was implemented, we would expect them to be thorough and include all their revisions they need in one request before submitting. Then, once we re-deliver the order, per their revisions, they would have the option to either mark the order a complete or purchase more revisions. Of course, they can still message us asking about revisions, but if this system would be implemented, the buyer would know that they would need to purchase additional revisions if they would like additional work done.

I’m not sure if this would be possible to implement for certain tiers (like Pro or TOS) and not others, or if it would have to be across the board. But, with us at least, since we have done so many projects, we know the approximate cost for average revisions, so we would usually not need to do manual pricing on revisions. 

I know that Fiverr has been pushing the “Offer the buyer additional revisions” feature lately through the resolution center, which we have used, but that does not really solve the problem, since buyers can simply deny the offer and the same things continue to happen.

Attached are mockups of what this could look like on the buyer’s end for an order. As you can see, when the order is delivered, they are given 2 choices, to complete the order or to request revisions. Underneath the “request revisions” there is a “revisions remaining” to show how many revisions they have (or have left) per the gig order or custom offer that was ordered. Also is another mockup of what it could look like when they click the “request revisions” button when they do not have any revisions left. These are just rough mockups to give a better visual idea of what we are talking about.

We did not include a mockup for this, but the other thing that would be great is if the buyer has 1 revision left, then when they put in the request, before hitting “submit” a notification or something tells them something like “this is your last included revision. Please be as detailed as possible, since additional revisions will cost additional fees…” or something like that. This way, the buyer can put everything they need instead of doing the back and forth thing for weeks, like I explained above.



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