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Gigs Continuously De-Ranking



Hello Community, I am a fiverr designer since 2016. Yess I have worked for a really long time but now since past 5 months i just got a new kinda issue with my fiverr account i am on waiting list for being topseller for almost 2 years now my gigs were performing very well and then suddenly there was a day when i delivered my last order and there were n orders left in my queue i waited stayed online and a day went by then another and another and my gigs stats started to drop gradually a and then i lost the promotion feature along with it, a month passed and then the second month passed as well with no orders i was quite frustrated i edited a few of my gigs but nothing changed after 80 days i got back the gig promotion feature and my gigs got n first page and i started getting order for 20 days and then even with the promotion feature i wasn't getting any orders and then after 15 days i lost the gig promotion feature and am deranked since then now its been almost 40 days. I wanted my fellow seniors to help me out with this issue i have contacted the support center but as usual there response is not satisfactory. Is there anyone else out there who is facing the same thing as well or is it my time to move on from this platform trap?

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