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Go the extra mile for your buyers


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Good day Fiverr!

I’ve been selling and buying services for 7 months now. I’m a writer by trade, and my most popular gig is custom scary story writing. I feel I’ve been successful in making money through Fiverr, and after reading many sympathetic posts of frustrated sellers, I figured I’d share my biggest tip for keeping buyers happy, and achieving high ratings.

I’ve had ups and downs in my Fiverr career, most of the downs happening early on. I was unclear on some copyright issues for my services, and was a bit rude to some of my first buyers. The problems really came down to inflexibility on my end.

What I’ve learned is this: unless your buyer is being truly unreasonable, (such as being extremely unclear in their order information, or demanding more than what you said you offer in the gig description,) go the extra mile for them, and make sure they are satisfied! Make this clear up front in your gig pages and in your own seller description if possible, and in your request for order information as well.

It gives buyers confidence and peace of mind (especially on a complicated order) to know that if the buyer doesn’t give them quite what they were looking for, that the buyer is quick and flexible in modifying the order to meet what they wanted.

To avoid the issue of having to redeliver an order in the first place, I recommend asking good questions in your request for order information, and asking more questions quickly to the buyer (not in the last hour before it’s due, like I may or may not have done before… :-$) so you can deliver what they were looking for the first time. That sort of back-and-forth, clarifying communication is key. It’s how you get good ratings and repeat business, as your good reputation spreads.

I don’t mean this as a comprehensive guide of “How to be a good seller;” it’s just pointing out one big lesson that’s helped me. I appreciate this lesson even more as a buyer, the most recent example being a great exchange I had with seller Zarawalker. She designed a fantastic website logo for me, which just had one minor issue I needed changed: she was perfectly polite about my request, and redelivered the logo as I asked, in a day:


In conclusion: take the time and effort to satisfy your buyers 100%, be up-front about your level of effort, and the market will reward you. 🙂

I can’t thank my buyers enough for their business, especially the polite buyers who have placed order after order from me. It feels good to know I’m helping someone else complete their own projects.

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