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Need Buyers?. Don't give up, be patient


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Every seller need to sell his/her Gigs, you will do, but be patient.


I will start with my story, I start on Fiverr.com 4 months ago. actually I'm a designer. I searched for the most needed things to be designed and among buyers needed. I start with business cards designing, 2 weeks but no one ask for an order :-/ . then I thought about infographics. now all people need infographics. I start to make templates. Then I made designing infographics Gig. Initially, no response, but I didn't give up I was still checking every day for order. once I saw an order :D. I was so happy and try to understand what the buyer need exactly. I worked hard to make a unique infographic to him, and I never be disturb of the editing he was making. he was so happy with my design, and gave me top rating. from here the start was. what Fiverr made is try to publish you among the buyers. that because it already has benifit from your Gigs. and then I get a lot of orders. and start with another Gigs. now I'm level 1 seller, and I can make more than 5$ from the one Gig by add extras like fast deliver.


Tips and point of this story: B-)


- Don't search about what sellers do and make the same, but looking for what sellers need.

- Be sure that you can do the Gigs you make with professionality.

- Be patient.

- When order come, don't let buyer see that you are afraid and be proud of what you did.

- Be fast on your replying and making the order. But being fast don't mean work without professionality.

- If your Gig need suggestions, don't be Stingy, give your sellers suggestions to choose among them.

- Be polite, respectable, and funny sometimes with you sellers.

- Make all the edits sellers ask with a smile on your face.

- Don't be greedy if your sellers ask for edits or orders bigger than what usually you do.

- Put a photos or videos of what you have done to your sellers on your gig to bring trust of another sellers.

- Don't ignore any order if you have a some other orders, and explain to the seller that you have some sellers before him/her.

- Last thing, never thing that you will be reach one with fiverr, but you can make extra money to buy something you wish, pay your bills, or increase your pocket money.


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