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An "odd" way to promote your Gigs (other than social media)


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For those of you who find using social media a bit repetitive from time to time, consider writing articles on a syndicated news site along the lines of Examiner. It is very easy to apply and to get approved. You usually have to send them a couple of writing examples and a short bio. For those of you who already have articles published elsewhere online under your own name, you can simply provide the links.

Then, you can use the articles as posts in your autoscheduler, earn a bit of extra money with each click of the article, and include backlinks to some of your other reputable online properties (maybe even your gigs?). Of course, you cannot do things like that if you want the article to be deemed “newsworthy” for Google News Approval, but that may not be a goal of yours anyway.

Point your profile back to your Google Authorship page, and your articles will appear in Google Search results, along with your “mug shot”. It’s a great way to promote your niche, gain some online credibility, build your brand name recognition, etc. You can even include your Fiverr Name in your bio.


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