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Level 1 Seller Rules


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Hey there,

I am interested in hearing others’ opinions when it comes to levels, specifically a level 1 seller. So I have only been on Fiverr for less than a week, and I have only had a gig for 4 or 5 days, but I already have had 60 orders. My problem is that I have to wait another 3 weeks to become a level 1 seller and be able to add extras. Did anyone else face frustration with that? I have had a high influx of orders, and it would be nice to be able to add extras to charge (to be quite honest) a slightly more reasonable fee for my press releases, which can be quite time consuming.

I think Fiverr should take in account more that I have already had 60 orders and a 100% gig rating than if I’ve been a member for a month with only 10 orders (at the low end).

Did any else face frustration with this? I think Fiverr is great and I am definitely happy I signed up, it’s just hard when you’ve done 60 orders in the past 4 days for $4 each, and have to wait 3 more weeks to level up. At this rate I will have over 200 orders by that point…

Any opinions on this would be great, I am eager to discuss 🙂

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This is a fairly new restriction. I would be merely speculating to guess to the reason. Having said that, for most new accounts having nearly 10 orders a day from jump would be considered a blessing beyond compare.

Yes, you will have to wait for “extras”; however, think of it like a career. Would you expect a promotion because you did you job well for less than a week?

Probably not, that you can be promoted in fiverr in 30 days it iself rather impressive. Plus at your already completed rate you will also be level two in 60 days total.

Finally, don’t be surprised if the “rate” regresses to the mean a little …and/or… if getting levels will mean fewer (but sometimes more profitable orders).

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