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Please help a Newbie


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Hi edwardsands 🙂


Just read carefully the official Fiverr blog and all the basic information Fiverr shared with you when you subscribed. Almost everything that you need is there 🙂

Then, go to this forum’s ‘Tips for Sellers’ area and read every thread that you find interesting.

To make money on Fiverr is… as easy & difficult as it is in the ‘real’ world. Money doesn’t fall on our heads like the rain. It needs effort.

One needs to study, research, be original, work, have patience, be optimistic, be every day online and much more. Check out the section on Sales: Buyer’s requests. You will get an idea about the trends and also have the chance to submit your gig

All the best, I wish you lots of sales 🙂


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Guest celticmoon

Facebook likes are usually scams, and most people know that. They’ve also heard about people getting their FB accounts cancelled for buying fans/likes/followers.

Sell something useful that people want.

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Fiverr is a beautiful place for Freelancers. There are numerous niches you can partake in, but it’s best to be unique if you want sales sooner than later. I currently do writing and content gigs, but it is discouraging because the market on Fiverr is SUPER-saturated with quality writers.

If you look at the front page of Fiverr, gigs are quirky, albeit sometimes weird, but work for the seller. Do you have a hidden talent, weird voice, video camera? Really you could do anything because the possibilities are endless.

After you’ve set up your gig with the best search optimization you can, start promoting. Share it to social networks or look for free ad services! The more promotion the more chances of sales.

Don’t be discouraged if there is a long wait before a initial sale, because when you deliver quality the customer will return. Have a great Fiverr experience!

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Reply to @fbleadsfreak:

Hi and welcome 🙂

I am not a specialist on your area but please allow me to offer some advice. I had a look at your gig. Not as a seller. From the side of a potential customer. As many of us already know, unfortunately most of the facebook-likes providers use bots.

In case you are honest (I don’t know you so I don’t have a reason to not believe you) and you do have a list of real and loyal friends who would do as you say and facebook-like whoever you ask them to… then, if I were you, this is what I would do:

  1. offer my sellers on fiverr proof that the facebook likes I provide will be real

  2. work a bit according to your own profile-description (Professional Internet marketer […] I have a wealth of experience and knowledge on Facebook Ads to target the right people your for products and services)

    Why not do exactly that for your own gig? Promote it on Facebook? Just start with the real people that you have in your agenda and send them to Fiverr to check out your amazing new gig! Isn’t it a good idea?

    Hope that helped a bit.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best on Fiverr 🙂
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nice comments all through, however, are all facebook likes bots/fake? i ask because i believe its those sellers offering thousands of likes that are likely to offer bots. The sellers who offer maybe 50, 100, 200 etc may indeed be offering real likes. I may be wrong but i will like you mates to clarify further.

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