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Free promotion of your fiverr videos


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I will upload your fiverr videos on a youtube channel I created exclusively for fiverr videos ,I will provide the link to your gig in the description of the video . Actually I created this channel for my video and think it would be great if there will be more videos in it .For your video to get added

  1. you must be there in the video ,so that the channel is interesting to attract veiwers

    2)please ensure that the video is small ,it takes 6 min for me to upload a 20MB video .

    3)mention your gig title and gig link in the message you send me .

    The link of the youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/fiverrInteresting and you can send me the videos on my gig http://fiverr.com/hearsid/make-android-app-for-your-company-or-resume .
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