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Why buyer cancellation has to affect the seller?

Seller cancellation affects the seller but also buyer cancellation.

Sometimes buyers are not honest, sometimes they just want to walk with the work done for free or try ideas for free.

It happened to me several times that I followed the exact buyer directions and at the end he didn't wanted the work.

Maybe the buyer realized his ideas wasn't good enough, not sure.

Audio workers have the most disadvantage to cancellations because there's no audio watermark.

There was a period when I added a personal audio watermark to works delivered untill the were accepted.

Buyers didn't wanted the watermark and warned to cancel the work if watermark was still on the audio track they requested.

Can FIverr consider audio watermark for this matter? Also can consider buyer cancellation not to affect seller's rating?



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Hello dear

Keep away from these kind of buyers and Fiverr team will not help you and force buyer to accept order

If buyer  send cancel request after work in complete you have to talk him and satisfy or ask to provide any extra services that will effect buyers

do not accept cancel request if you work goo as seller want

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