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How to improve "matching Briefs" utility


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Hello, I like the idea behind the new "Matching briefs", however I think it's really poorly implemented at the moment, because potential buyers almost always don't explain exactly what they need in the brief, it's ALWAYS lacking critical info to actually make a sensible offer to the client, and there is NO way to contact the buyer and ask questions to him/her before making an offer.

So I have to either create a "fake" offer just to contact them and ask clarifications, risking that they accept the offer for whatever reason and I get myself in something that maybe I can't do because the brief was about "a game" and then I discover they are searching for a programmer and not a graphic designer/illustrator.

I imagine the same problem is true for other sellers on the platform.

So, the solution is very simple: either allow us to contact/talk/chat with the buyer from the brief offer, or even better (if you dont' want people to contact directly) add a message board under each brief, as it happens with orders, so that we may ask questions and clarifications, that then can be useful for every other potential seller interested in the brief.

Because, really, ALL briefs I've received are VERY vague, without even the most basic informations such as required size and what kind of material they actually want. "I need work for a game" is not enough of a brief.

Also, another improvement would be to ask potential buyers to add more critical details to their requests, or at least check the brief to make sure that they are clear

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