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My Fiverr Journey (Motivation)

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Hi there, I hope you are all having an amazing day.

I wanted to share my 2.5 Year Fiverr Journey with everyone here. It may motivates those sellers who received a bad review or warning or there gigs got de ranked.

The Top Rated Seller requirement were completed even when I had a week to get the Level 2 Seller Badge.

In this 2.5 Years, I received 4 Warnings, around 15 below average feedbacks including 2 One Stars, my gig got de ranked 7 times. But, I have completed 1260 Order in total. 

When I received first warning, I was a level 2 seller with around 200 reviews. The warning was a slight misunderstanding. The buyer was talking something and I was blamed for that. I was literally sick for 2 Days, I thoughts that was the End of my Fiverr Career. 

Then I received another warning within next 20 Days. Felt heartbroken, account got demoted to level 1, gig was already de ranked with the First warning. And I can't even explain my situation.

But I am really grateful to my Parents, they told me that this is not End of the World. Just keep doing the hard work, be honest with everyone. That motivated me too much.

I started improving my gig, did a lot of work on it. Account was level 2 the next Month. My gig came back after 5 Months, workflow was becoming normal. 

But then I received another Warning, gig got de ranked once again, didn't made any change for a month and then I updated the content and my gig came back. 

Now the gig de ranked issue is just happening to me every 3-4 months. I don't understand this issue maybe any of you can assist. 

But yeah now I have 756 Reviews on my Profile, with 696 5 Stars. Average Selling price was $32 when I received the first Warning and now it is $73😇.


I hope this motivates you, just keep on doing your work. If your gig gets de ranked, then study your Competitive Sellers, learn new strategies and come back Stronger.


(This is my first time Posting something on fiverr forum, except the comments that I made on other people's post so I am Sorry in advance if the the events in my post are mixed.) 

Have a Nice Day.

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You are very strong and I really wish you success in Fiverr.

I have been in the platform for some months now, but I'm new to the forum, and dealing with what I believe is a bad byer who wanted to scam me and who will give me a very bad review.

After hearing your story it gives me some hope that I will get over this...

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