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Any improve my this gig

Guest farjanapro_

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will upload and add 400 products in your woocommerce shopify  wix store
The gig title says "400 products" but that's only in the premium package. So the title is misleading for the basic and standard packages (since if someone buys one of them, they wouldn't get what you are saying you will do in the gig title).

In the gig description:
"Are you trying to find someone who is an expert an woocommerce also can upload your product in woocommerce or Shopify or wix stores?" could be

"Are you trying to find someone who is a WooCommerce expert and who can upload your product to WooCommerce, Shopify or Wix stores?"

I'd remove/change the "support 24/7" line unless you have a team that can easily provide that.

In the profile:
In the line of text under the user name: "expart" could be "expert".

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