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You need to deliver your order


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In seller TO DO page, if Fiverr can show Gig title of the gig buyer bought instead of “You need to deliver your order” it will be very useful for sellers with many different types of gigs.

I have different types of Gigs and Once buyer bought one of my gigs, I have to go in to the order page to see what gig buyer has bought. Then to find buyers who bought specific gig I have to open all open orders and manually look in to them. But if my gig title is visible in TO DO page I can find them easily. Any way since there is big green button with “Deliver”, the note with “You need to deliver your order” is just a waste of space.

Also If it is possible to sort gigs so that I can put most resent order at top, it will make order processing easier in some cases. Knowing which order is urgent is important. But knowing new orders are also equally important. For some reason you miss new order which was hidden among orders, and, when it comes to top if you don’t have enough time to deliver, it is bad. This is helpful when you have gigs with different delivery time frames.

Also if it is possible to have a small note field with each order in TO DO page, which you can save and re look at, it will be useful too.

What do you think?


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