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Is any Gaming Coach getting orders from actually want to learn?


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Hey! This is for the gaming coaches out there.

Is anyone struggling to find actual people who want to learn from you? I'm personally a Brawl Stars coach with only 3 orders on my gig and so far, all the people I've coached have only wanted to take my gig so that they could 'clean' Fiverr of all the people who claim to be good at the game. Luckily, so far, no one has hated my service enough to try and 'clean' me off the site.

If that wasn't enough, I've recently been getting messages in my DMs everyday since I got my first review. The messages usually go something like: Haha, you're such a noob, I will coach you, idiot. I have replied to them (just to annoy them back), but it seems their account was never online ever again.

I was wondering if such things are common after getting your first review? And one of the accounts that DM'd me was a business account, so is it just really easy to make business accounts that people can use to annoy others?

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