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Advice: How to Get Buyers to Buy Gig Extras

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I hate looking at my sales page and seeing $5 orders. In the 5 months since I joined Fiverr, I’ve learned that the $5 sales are usually the ones that cause me the most grief. Those are usually the buyers who ask for things that are offered as gig extras but expect me to give those things away for free. I’d end up in a long conversation with that buyer AFTER gig delivery because they’re angry that they didn’t get the freebie they asked for. To me, that’s a whole lot of wasted time.

To avoid these kinds of problems AND to increase the sale of my gig extras, I created message templates that are sent to the buyer AFTER they have submitted the information we tell them we need to get started on their gig. These templates do several things:

  1. They remind the buyer to re-read the entire gig description AND to click through all the gig photos.
  2. They caution the buyer of potential issues that might arise after-the-sale if the buyer DOES NOT buy the extras.
  3. They ask the buyer to confirm (by saying “I UNDERSTAND”) that it’s ok to move forward with the gig even though they DID NOT buy the gig extra.

    Ever since I started using message templates: for every 5 people who do NOT buy the gig extra, 4 of them will backtrack and buy it. It’s important to send the message AFTER the buyer has submitted everything you need to get started.

    That 1 guy who did not buy the gig extra, even though he was warned in the initial message that he might want to consider it, no longer argues with me after-the-sale. He was warned AND he was told to respond with “I Understand” before we even got started working on the gig.

    Being aggressively proactive about heading off trouble is very important. Even though my gig description has all the warnings and discusses what the extras are for, people just don’t read the entire gig description - or they ignore the gig extras and expect to be able to cry about it later- hoping you’ll give the extras away for free just to please them. I DO NOT work for free - and you shouldn’t either.

    What do YOU do to increase the sale of your gig extras and head off trouble?

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