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48 minutes ago, asaddesigner340 said:

I am poor man .I am a graphic designer .I can't find an order .

I will be brutally honest with you because I believe you need it. Your gig images do not seem to belong to a DESIGNER who had worked with over twenty companies worldwide.

(You could still be poor and insanely talented as artists are often underappreciated but...)

If you genuinely want to be a graphic artist, you need to study it. Talent is needed for it (and a ton of it, too) but... You need to know colour theory (and a whole bunch of other things...) Just to start. You aren't a well known designer yet - but that could change. However, you need to put more effort into becoming one. But... It's not something that will earn you millions in weeks. If someone had told you that by claiming you have years of experience and slapping a few pictures into PS you can earn a living....They are either lying or living in the past. 

(Also... Translating 'all languages into all languages as a gig.... No. Seriously...Unless you do speak all those languages fluently just... Don't offer that...)

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