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My seller tricked me



I ordered  food delivery website and apps (customer and driver) 

initially seller was so prompt to my work. Within few days she delivery my website and told me to accept the delivery. When I did the testing everything was good with website and I accepted the delivery, I was happy too.
After 2 days she tried to delivery app which not on live. She was pushing my to accept the delivery even the apps were not on live. I had to challenge with her and rejected the delivery, she was not happy with my rejection, again and again she pushed me. I didn’t agree with her. While app was putting to play store I had to order another app( owner app) 

now problem started from here, when I order the owners app she was but reluctant to accept the order and told her if she is interested or not at last she said she is more capable to develop the owner app but needs to add grocery and medicine selling features and finally accepted.

it was not adding the feature, he plan was to change whole website to build owner app. So without my consent she had taken down my previous website and put the current website, www.web.food-grid.com 

as soon as I order the owner she delivered  again owner app, this time she wanted me to accept order even knowing app is not on live.  I accepted because she said delivery  and times of revision is just a formality, so I accepted.  
but when the android apps are on live none of them are functional because the website has a problem. She has put the rubbish website in place of my previous functional website just to ease her to develop owners app. 
now, she doesn’t want to work on to fix the bugs not even responding on time because I have already paid her. 
I have one last order with her that I have rejected in revision. 
she is trying to delivery that too without functional. 
I am not happy with her because she only tries to deliver non functional apps and try to take my last order. 
I want to recover previous paid orders and cancel all the orders, how can I do  that? Is it possible to recover my money ? Please help me. 




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