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I joined the Fiverr approx 8-9 Months ago. As a beginner, as I approached to Level 1 and now i near to Level 2, I learned a lot about Fiverr. What mistakes I made, i do not want that mistakes are repeated by any other seller on Fiverr, This is just a guide from my experiences to them. So there are few tips for seller from creating GIG, processing the order, delivering the order as i named it ORDER DELIVERY LIFE-CYCLE.

  1. Gig Creation

    =>Make a GIG, in which you are good at,

    =>Use keywords in Title and Description

    =>Upload the picture and video that demonstrate your GIG, provide some samples in pictures.

    =>Description must be short and clear

    =>Describe Benefits for buyer why he must choose your GIG

    =>If you are a become older to Fiverr, show your feedback rating in description

    =>If GIG needs to collect the requirement from buyer, then mention in description to message you first before make an order.

    =>Set Duration to deliver the order in such a manner, so due to geographical distance you can manage your time to communicate in time difference. and deliver after proper communication.

  2. Quality Work and Customer (Communication/satisfaction)

    =>Deliver quality in your work, you can make a person fool once only, but if you want success on fiverr, Quality and honesty in you work with customer is must.

    =>Responsiveness is also a judgmental criteria. A buyer checks the responsiveness of the seller also. So, Respond to any buyer’s inquiries asap. Responsiveness, lower is better.

    =>Keep in touch during the order time to time. Provide the status update to the buyer, assuring him that you are working hard for his order.

  3. Deliver the order

    =>Play safe, keep some time in hands before deliver your order. Keep at least 24 in your hands before deliver your order.

    =>At the time to deliver your order ask for any changes/ modification as applicable to your order from buyer, to make him satisfy. But request buyer not to modify the order. request buyer to tell any changes / modification needed by message instead of modify the order.

  4. Feedback

    =>Buyer always eager to get their order done on time, with all requirement he said. The thing which satisfy your buyer are understanding his need, your quality work, timeliness, over expected nice job and value for his money.

  5. Miscellaneous

    =>Mention in description, if GIG needs to collect the requirement from buyer, sometime buyer order the gig but unfulfilled requirement, u need to cancel the order, it will affect your rating.

    =>A negative feedback can cause some restriction on Fiverr to use some services of it. So try to make customer happy, so if he /she provides the feedback , it must be POSITIVE. if any how get a negative feedback, contact your buyer to how to undo negative and how to make him happy.

    I hope this post will be helpful for sellers on Fiverr. Help Them get Success on Fiverr.

    Might be I left something, in above. Please mention in comments.

    If you find this post helpful, please do share below. Also your Experiences are welcome all Fiverrions.


    Have a nice day

    Happy Fiverring
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Great tips @gaursh, thanks for sharing. Of course there are many more that could be added but they come as you progress with your Fiverr business, and they also differ from individual to individual and also they depend on your niche. So well done for now! <)🙂

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