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Please give me some suggestions for Gig promotion and Gig algorithm


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Hey, I'm a seller level 2. Recently, my promotion shows unqualified and my gig is listed on page 19.. Previously, it was on page 1.. Therefore, my impressions and clicks are rapidly decreasing. Is there anything I can do? Could you please provide me with some suggestions?


My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/wp_goods/create-fully-automated-travel-website


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1) Share your Gig to your facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest & all others social network sites.

2) you can also share gigs to your friends timeline.

3) Create a blog site free at WordPress or Blogspot to write about you & put the URL of your gig and share your blog post in social media.

4) Sign up for forums and help the people to solve their problems & put your gig URL there but don’t make spam. If you write anything about Fiverr or online earning in your blog, you also re-publish in other social blog or forums.

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