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Buyer persistently requesting revisions after deliery


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I have already reported the buyer to customer support, and I'm waiting for them to investigate and take any necessary action.

This is a buyer I worked for in the past, where I started the project and fulfilled the order requirements. We decided to continue the project in a new order(current) where the requirements had been specified in an RTF document both he and I edited and agreed on. All the points outlined in the document was completed, the only issues that existed was some form validation bugs caused by a library I was using. I resolved all the issues, but the buyer is claiming that they aren't pleased with the results.

The project is two part: An admin panel and a form preview client app. The requirements stated that I'm supposed to implement an authentication system(Login only) into the admin panel and migrate to a different library for an API feature, which was also completed. The client application is supposed to generate HTML forms based on a JSON file, and any changes to the form would be reflected in a fillable PDF file. The form is supposed to feature a modal for the user to add their signature(similar to Adobe Sign), and render said signature to the PDF. All of which have been completed.

The overall process is that the admin would log in to the panel, and upload a fillable PDF where the fields would be extracted in JSON format so that they can be represented as HTML form inputs. I've completed all the features and made a functional product. I had the deployment hosted on Vercel for the buyer to test as they needed, they then pressured me to deliver the source code, and sometime after started requesting revisions on some minor form validation issues that weren't agreed on in the order.

I patiently responded to all the buyer's demands. Now that they're unable to discover any problems, they started abusing the revision system without specifying any desired modifications and blatantly lying about work I made no agreements to. They're also trying to pressure me into cancelling the order by making frequent requests. No matter how much I deliver they request revision, then had the nerve to ask me that if they can find any issue, I should agree to cancel the order. This has been a 5 months long project, where I've made sacrifices for this buyer. 

My blood is boiling at this point, I've been having tension headaches since yesterday and my heart is racing, but I've kept reserved and behaved as professionally as I can. They understand the amount of work that went into the project, as they're many lines of code on GitHub. No matter how much I try to ask the buyer what is to be fixed, they either ignored or bring up issues I've responded to on many occasions. I worry that if the order gets cancelled, the buyer will use my work commercially. I don't know what to do, and CS hasn't given me any positive assurances so far.

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I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time with this buyer. I know it doesn't help much now but I would really recomend splitting work into smaller parts so that delivery is frequent and approved as you go. That way you don't just give them the full application before they accept it - especially if it was 5 months of work 😞

I had a similar issue with a buyer and decided to cancel the order without responding to them any more. It was a milestone order so I was still paid for the first part and cut my losses on the second. They also don't get to review if a milestone offer is cancelled, but you still get paid for every milestone completed up until the one that was cancelled 🙂

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